Today cooks have a choice of methods that allow them to prepare healthy food very quickly. Microwaving, steaming, stir fry and griddling are popular, but induction cooking is also gaining fans. It is an energy efficient, extremely fast method of cooking that is safer than many other options. It requires unique induction cookware that is sold by several quality manufacturers.

A Definition of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is very different than standard methods like gas or electric, although it does use a stovetop. It also uses a magnetic frequency to heat. There are several elements and steps involved, but essentially stovetops produce a magnet that transfers heat to the cookware created for induction cooking. The cookware and the food inside it heats up very rapidly while surrounding areas remain cold to the touch. All of the heat is absorbed by pots and pans and none is transferred. A person could touch the stovetop immediately after a pot is removed and would not get burned.

Special Cookware Is Required

Homeowners who choose induction cooking need to have the required stovetop installed and they also need to buy the cookware designed for it. Each piece of cookware is magnetic. Induction cooking is popular among chefs because cookware heats up and cools down quickly. It also makes it easy to gauge cooking temperatures, another feature that is popular with professional chefs. Only cookware specifically designed for induction cooking will work, so buyers need to ensure that any pots or pans they buy are labeled, “induction ready cookware”.

Induction Cooking Has Pros and Cons

Although gas has long been the standard for serious cooks, those who are health-conscious often install induction stovetops in order to avoid potential dangers or health risks associated with gas. Induction cooking also prevents heat loss, since all energy is absorbed by cookware. It is ideal for families who worry that children could get burned by stovetops. The downsides are that handles can produce a ticking sound and a fan may be required to dissipate heat. Because there is no open flame, cooks cannot char foods like steaks.

Induction cooking is a method that requires a special stovetop and cookware. Food is heated very quickly and stovetops are cool to the touch as soon as pots or pans are removed. Many consider it safer for families than other methods, but it is not ideal for cooks who like to char some foods.