How to Select the Right Cell Tower Lease Consultant

Whether you want to sign a new lease agreement or you have been provided with a lease extension offer, choosing a competent cell tower consultant to negotiate on your behalf is essential. The following is what you should look for in a cell tower lease consultant.

When choosing a cell tower lease consultant, look for experience and expertise. Choose a company that has worked with several properties owners to help them in new leases, lease extensions or buyouts. The experts should also have worked with top cell phone companies and are updated with the recent trends in the telecom indutrsy. A consultant who has unmatched experience will also be more likely to negotiate great deals for the lease.

Check the track record of the consultants you want to hire and see if they have been able to achieve god results. Check their past results and see if they were able to acquire good lease rates for past clients as this indicates that they will meet your needs. Find a consultant that you trust and one who will guarantee to provide you with realistic results so you can make an educated hiring decision.

Another crucial tip is to ensure that you work with consultants who are insured. They should have a professional liability insurance which is also called as the errors and omissions policy so that you will be liable for costs incurred due to negligence. Look for another company is the consultant you have in mind does not provide you with proof of their insurance policy.

The cell tower experts need to furnish you with a list of references that you can get in touch with and get to hear about their experiences working with the company. Ask the references if they are satisfied with the representation of the consultants and whether they would consider working with them again. Request for references from certified institutions to be certain that you are working with competent consultants.

Prices of different cell tower experts may vary, hence, ask them about their fees and proposal beforehand. The proposal should be detailed in order to help you understand their scope of work. Avoid companies that include tasks which were not discussed in their proposal. Therefore, before you decide to work with a consultant, do some research to get an idea of how much fees should be paying.

You also want to ensure that the cell tower consultant firm has highly trained and experienced staff. The staffs should have skills in providing their service in areas like site acquisition, development as well as leasing. With this, you can be sure that they will approach your situation with professionalism and provide you with satisfactory services. However, you will have peace of mind when your issue is handled by the owner of the cell tower consultancy firm.

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